01 Concept Design

Understanding client requirements and goals

Site evaluation including topography, solar access, wind and weather patterns, water, vegetation, ecology, light quality, views and cultural context

02 Schematic Design

To find out right design concept, we explore several design options by considering building traditions, materials, daylight, natural ventilation, orientation and shape of building, distribution of openings as well as local authority bye-laws.

Preparation of sketches, CAD plans and 3D views or models

To fulfil client’s needs, we create innovative design that merges function, form, environment and budget.

03 Design Development

Building evolves by finalizing and Incorporating Structure, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Firefighting, ELV and HVAC consultant’s designs.

Some projects might require various other consultants like geologists, geotechnical, lighting, acoustic and so on.

Hence, all basic parameters of the building are established in plan, elevation and section.

Appointment of a contractor in this phase is wise for any kind of project.

04 Working Drawings

Selection of finishing materials

Create a drawing set with all the information required to execute the project.

05 Site Execution

Regular site visits as and when required

Submit any additional details required from contractors

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